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The times they are a changin'.

With so much talk of internet piracy and illegal P2P networks, the recording industry has recently reported a near tenfold increase in the number of individuals legally downloading music. For the first time ever, there have been significant revenues generated by these digital sales.

There's not much doubt about it, legal music downloads are by far the way to go when it comes to getting your music online.

However, If you're one of the few who still insists on illegally downloading your music, consider these factors:
- along with your music, you are most likely downloading hundreds of nasty viruses that will cripple your PC. They embed themselves right in the music files and begin to go to work installing 'nastiness' while you listen.
-The RIAA is still very intent on pursuing file-sharers (illegal music downloads) and shutting them down. Remember, this is the organization who once sued a 12-year old for sharing copyrighted music online. They'll go after anyone, so don't think for a second 'it could never happen to me'.

At the end of the day, Legal music downloads offer individuals like you and me the comfort of never having to waste valuable time browsing through retail stores or wondering when a new album will actually hit the shelves. All the hassles are removed, and your favorite music is easily searchable, previewable and downloadable right from the comforts of your PC.

The purpose of our site? To educate individuals on the downsides of illegal music downloading, and to spread the virtues of the many safe alternatives.

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