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Benefits of Legal Music Downloads

Even with the recent Digital Rights Management debacle and the campaigns against file-sharing and p2p sites, it seems as if the piracy industry is getting stronger. There's no question who provides the fuel for the pirates' ship. The general public is actually adding fuel to the fire by downloading illegal music from piracy websites. They cannot be blamed because the prices of goods are skyrocketing to mile-high numbers that the average consumers cannot afford. But other than this, the public only goes by these basic equations: pirated equals cheap while legal means expensive. Undeniably, this is true but it is also undeniable that many people are unaware of the benefits of legal music downloads.

Benefits? Although it seems hard to believe that something costly can give benefits to consumers, it is true. In fact, there are three benefits of music downloads that can convince the most discriminating and sensible music enthusiasts.

When talking about the benefits of legal music downloads, three things come to mind: reliability, quality, and validity. The first benefit is perhaps the easiest to prove and appreciate. Legal download portals can be relied on to carry the latest tunes from popular and not-so-popular artists. Also, these sites provide reliable sources, often from the music companies themselves. In short, consumers are getting the real deal and not just someone's copy of a copy. Legal download websites also pose the least risk of virus infection. Other than being reliable, legal music sites are also home to quality music. Since the music is the real deal, the music comes from the source or the recording outfit. As such, these music downloads last longer and maintain sound clarity even after repeated air time.

Lastly, by entrusting music needs to legal portals, consumers are exposed to less risks of identity theft, or shady deals. Unknown to many, consumers who buy pirated and illegal downloads knowingly are liable to the crime. To avoid problems, consumers are encouraged to consider the many benefits of legal music downloads.

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